Facilitating the perfect journey

We are dedicated to the invention and distribution of inspirational, attainable and iconic products for families on the go.

Our mission is to become recognised as a successful creator of really useful travel products that facilitate the perfect journey.


Here at Magmatic we have a team of people dedicated to making cool stuff that puts the brakes on tiring travel and the smiles back on family faces. We use good design  (and some fairy dust) to create products that delight both parent and child. 

We have a funky, fun and informal workspace, where everyone’s opinion matters and a work life balance is the norm. We have Marketing Whizzes, Graphics Geniuses, and a team of imagineers working alongside our Sales Stars, Stuff Doers and Miss Moneypenny!


Magmatic all started with Trunki, the brainchild of designer Rob Law. He first came up with the concept for a ride-on suitcase way back in 1997 while studying at university. He’d been given a project to design a piece of children’s luggage so went to his local department store for inspiration. Disappointed by the luggage on offer to children he found himself drawn to ride-on toys in the toy department. That’s when the idea for Trunki was born. Find out more about Rob and the Trunki story by watching this video.

In 2003 Magmatic was founded and awarded a start-up grant from the Princes Trust, to enable Rob to license his ride-on suitcase idea. Later that year he secured a licensing deal with a toy company. However, this performed very badly and went into liquidation in late 2005.

Undeterred, Rob decided he could do a better job and started to investigate the business opportunity. On the 5th May 2006 (now celebrated as Trunki’s birthday) the first container arrived in Avonmouth and Magmatic started trading.

Two weeks later Rob took his colourful suitcases on BBC’s Dragons Den. Rob, Trixie and Terrance got quite a grilling (read Terrance’s story here). The dramatic episode has become one of the most watched, with the BBC returning to Trunki for three follow up shows. We’ve also heard Duncan Bannatyne and Peter Jones  admit on national TV that they regret not investing.


Our philosophy behind designing great stuff is simple; we understand that parents buy products whilst children make friends with them. We embrace design and use its power to shape everything we do. By using good design we add real value to our products and put smiles on both big and little faces.

Consumers love our products not only because of their utility but also their personality. Bringing brands to life is paramount to our success, it creates another platform which allows us to engage with our consumers, harnessing the power of word of mouth advertising and having some fun at the same time.


At Magmatic we believe we are responsible for what we create so we follow these ethical steps:

People We like them a lot and believe every one should share the same rights, that’s why we use factories that meet the best international standards like ICTI and ISO 9001. Our factory even has grass roofs for insulation and recreation!

Re-Use The first eco-step is re-using stuff, so we made Trunki strong and durable so it can be handed down and used by the next generation. Hopefully one day we’ll see a Trunki being used on a trip to the moon!

Re-duce Trunki is cleverly designed to make it strong, whilst using the least amount of plastic possible. We specially designed it using as few materials and parts as possible.

Re-Cycle Trunki has been specifically designed for disassembly, meaning that that any returns we get are fixed or recycled. The fixed ones are then donated to a local Children’s Hospice to help families travel with minimum stress.

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